World Handicap System News

Having attended the latest WHS Workshop hosted at Girton GC, the following main points arose:

Go-live is still scheduled for Monday 2 November 2020.

Slight variation on visibility of new Handicap Index - now forecast from September 2020.

A copy of the presentation slides (minus videos as would have made the file too large) has been received (click on link at bottom of this article).  Videos to follow when received.

Happy reading - there are 85 slides... 😎

Key points noted:

  • The 'c' rating is removed

  • R&A/USGA Rules of Handicapping developed & how to apply - to be contained in a covering Rules book (no date advised for when being published)

  • Course Rating defines/establishes course difficulty - the Slope Rating

  • Maximum yardage for a Ladies Course Rating is 6,100 yards

  • Slope equates to the difference between a Bogey & Scratch player

  • Apart from Cambridge Meridian, all courses within CAGL (formerly CAGU) have been rated; CM to be completed in April.  If you had not already spotted these values on the card - they are in the top right hand corner.  If you haven't seen the card yet - see table below.

  • Course Rating shall be an ongoing process as course layouts change

  • Expected that 10% for CAGL shall be assessed each year from 2021

  • Course Handicap Tables should arrive soon to provide "easy" conversion from Handicap Index to Course Handicap depending on what Tees are being used - expectation that an App shall also be available to lookup any course in the World.  These tables are for social golf only & not to determine any formal competition Playing Handicap.

  • Something new that has not been mentioned previously!!!  For formal competition golf, there are prescribed handicap allowances (Slide 62) which are applied by the computer system managing that competition.  Entrants must obtain their Playing Handicap from the computer system (or at check-in where competition organiser has already obtained) prior to play.

  • There are no longer Handicap Categories

  • There are no longer any Competition Scratch Score, Buffer Zone, 0.1 Up Revision or Reductions Only to adjust handicaps

  • Encourage and promote the returning & recording of all scores (qualifying competitions & non qualifying) plus supplementary scores - that includes "swindles" (not multiple/varying tees)

  • "swindles" - place all cards in the Cards for Handicap box (stating date & tees used) - these will then be entered as non-qualifying scores & can count towards your Scoring Record


More can be obtained/viewed at


Note that the course has been rated for Men to play from the Red tees... 


Ray Smith

Handicaps Secretary

Course & Slope Ratings for Barkway Park:

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