Seniors Section (The Barkers)


The seniors section at Barkway is called "The Barkers".

  • The Barkers normally meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for scheduled events or a "swindle".

  • Anyone can play with the Barkers, though only those qualifying as 50+ can win an event.

  • Entries are open to full or restricted members of Barkway Park Club.

  • Most competitions playing partners are selected on the day, so players are likely to play with different people. This contributes to getting to know a wide range of the members very quickly

COVID19 Pandemic Temporary Rules of Play

This additional information / directions are specific to Barkers and should be read in conjunction with the recently published Players Direction document.


Forms of Play and Scoring

  • Owing to the current 12 week lockdown for people 70+ and or with health conditions no official competitions, as scheduled on The Barkers calendar, will be organised until Government guidelines allow everyone to participate.

  • In the short term Barker swindles will be organised instead.


The Barkers’ Competition Secretary will circulate a scorecard template which you can use if you do not wish to handle the club scorecards (alternatively, you can download a copy from the Scorecard Page of the website). Scorecards are to be taken home and emailed to the Competition Secretary ( on the same day, stating:

  • your name,

  • competition,

  • gross score on each hole,

  • total gross for 1st 9 and 2nd 9 holes,

  • overall gross score and stableford score.

Results should be published the following day via

  • It may be useful to check your scoring with your partner after each hole to make final confirmation of scores at the end of your round easier.

  • Any Monday, Wednesday or Friday when there is no published Barkers competition as, per the Barkers calendar, people are free to find a partner to make a 2 ball and book their own tee time. Understandably with the amount of work involved there will be no informal swindles as organised by Merf. However, for those wishing to add a “competitive edge”, Geoff is willing to organise an informal swindle, including collecting entry fees and distributing cash prizes. He will reserve some tee times for this purpose from 8-00am but you will need to find your own playing partner and book one of the tee times.



  • As Barkers will no longer be able to meet together, entry for competitions and swindles will be via HowDidIDo. If you have not used then please register. Entries will close 1 week before the competition date and the draw emailed out a couple of days later. The Competition Secretary will be setting up a separate email address for this purpose.

  • Once entered it is essential to turn up or this will compromise your playing partner. If there is an odd number in the draw or someone does drop out players will be able to play on their own and the scores can still be submitted as advised above.


Tee times

  • The first tee time will be 8-00am off the 1st.

  • No entry fees will be collected. You are asked to keep a record of when you played and this money will be collected along with the award of prize money when we are back to some form of normality.

There may be hiccups as we roll this out, but adjustments will be made as necessary. Please bear with the Barkers Committee whilst these rules settle in.