Seniors Section (The Barkers)


The seniors section at Barkway is called "The Barkers".

  • The Barkers normally meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for scheduled events or a "swindle".

  • Anyone can play with the Barkers, though only those qualifying as 50+ can win an event.

  • Entries are open to full or restricted members of Barkway Park Club.

  • Most competitions playing partners are selected on the day, so players are likely to play with different people. This contributes to getting to know a wide range of the members very quickly

2021 Roll of Honour      

Order of Merit                                  C. Compton  &  R. Smith

Barker Trophy                                  M. Hughes

Barker Bowl                                      R. Crookes

Monday Merit                                   B. Cooper

Friday Merit                                      M. Hughes

Blue Tees                                           M. Hughes

Eclectic                                               A. Osbourne

Chief Barker Trophy                        M. McKimmie

Masters Trophy                                P. Wilton

Apprentices Trophy                         B. Cooper

Spring Trophy                                   M. Rogers

Autumn Trophy                                R. Humphreys

Dick Hawkins Cup                            M. McKimmie

Summer Singles                               A. Osbourne

Singles Plate                                     W. Rodda

Awayday                                            R. Apperley

3 Clubs & a putter                            K. Harrington

Christmas Competition                   R. Apperley

Hole in One                                       A. Rogerson

Ken Glassbrook bowl                       P. Leutchford/D. Brett/A. Batchelor

Willow Cup                                         C. Compton/K. Lacy/R. Woodhouse

Paul Elkington Trophy                      T. Brady/D. Graves/R. Webb