Membership Options

Men's 7 Day Full Membership - £675 pa


Ladies 7 Day Full Membership - £375


Husband & Wife Full Membership - £1,050


Age Concession Membership

Reduced membership fees apply to younger players:

Under 18: £75 pa

18-23:      £200 pa

24-30:      £375 pa


Country Membership - £375 pa (applies to anyone living more than 35 miles away from the club)

Pay and Play (Green Card) Membership - £125 pa
In addition to the annual membership fee, Green Card members have to pay the relevant green fees depending on weekday (£10) or weekend/bank holiday (£15) play. Green Card membership entitles the member to achieve a handicap and to enter all competitions.
All memberships may play weekdays or weekends, with the following restrictions:
Member Restrictions

  • A tee time must be booked in advance for all play

  • You cannot turn up and play

  • If, in the opinion of management a green fee is payable, the appropriate green fee must be paid

  • All at own risk and subject to availability

Please note that all membership fees include C.A.G.L. fees. If you do not require a handicap, and only intend to play social golf, membership is not required.
Member's locker (optional) fee - £40 pa