Course Status

  • The Course is open

Specific rules are to be followed for playing the course, until further notice. Any player failing to adhere to the rules may be asked to leave the course.

  • The course will be open: 07:00 – until no later than 19:00 (Clubhouse/reception may close early depending on demand).

  • Bookings now accepted for 2, 3 or 4 balls.

  • Players must maintain 2 metre social distance.

  • Bookings can only be made up to 2 weeks in advance.

  • Booking must be in advance by phone, direct with the club (excl. Club Competitions).

  • Weekday charge £10; Weekend £18 (£15 Green Card).


  • Tee-times will be at 10-minute intervals.

b)On arrival
  • The clubhouse front door will be open to book in.

  • Clubhouse, Changing room and toilets are open, with access from the outside as well

  • Your scorecard will be available at the front door table

  • No waiting around the first tee – please avoid grouping.

c)During the Round
  • All players should maintain 2 metres distance apart during the round at all times

    • Tee-times are at 10-minute intervals & must be adhered to.

    • Buggies must be single occupant only unless second person is from the same household.

    • Trolleys are available for hire

  • Teeing Areas

    • Keep your distance!!

    • Ball washers have been covered & are not to be used.

    • Benches must not be used.

  • General

    • Keep your distance!!

    • If you find a lost/stray ball – leave it there!!

    • No time to look for balls – if in doubt, play a Provisional.

  • Bunkers

    • Rakes have been removed – use your club or foot to smooth as best as possible; remember to be courteous to all fellow players.

  • Putting

    • Keep your distance!!

    • Leave the flagstick in at all times – irrespective of personal choice.

    • Do not touch the flagstick.

    • Putt out as soon as possible.

    • Foam inserts have been installed to allow for easy retrieval without touching the flagstick or reaching down to bottom of cup

    • Gimme! at your discretion


  • Hole and Holed

    • If ball is holed – extreme care to be taken in retrieving the ball. If using an end-of-putter retriever, DO NOT touch the side of the hole.

d)After the Round

The clubhouse is open for beverages and seating. Social Distancing is as important after a round as it is during the round.

e)Club Competitions

Until further notice, the following provisions are considered acceptable on a temporary basis:

  • Forms of Play and Scoring

    • Players may record their own hole scores on the scorecard (it is not necessary for a marker to do it).

    • It is not necessary to have a marker physically certify the player’s hole scores, but some form of verbal certification should take place.

    • Scorecards are to be taken home & “returned” to the Competitions Secretary on the same day of playing via:

      • Scanned & emailed; or

      • Email stating:

        • Competition

        • Players Name

        • Gross score for each hole completed


  • Entry

    • Men’s Weekend Competitions:

      • With the clubhouse access is available to the PSiTouch Screen but please sanitize before and after us. Alternatively, continue to enter via HowDidiDo (closing date, 17:00 preceding Sunday) If you do not have access (why not!!) - email Competitions Secretary ahead of closing date.

      • Normal draw & publication process will be followed.

      • If an odd number in the draw, & a single Reserve does not arrive on the day, then last group will be a 3-ball to respect those that have pre-entered. That is the only allowance for a 3-ball.

      • Reserve entries will only be accepted to complete a 2-ball in the formal draw; or there are sufficient to complete additional 2-balls. Do not expect to be included!

    • Barkers:

CONGU Decision 23/3/2020

If clubs have made the decision to modify the depth of the hole to allow players to remove the ball without touching the flagstick, scores will be acceptable for either competition or supplementary score purposes.


Note: These temporary provisions are applicable until further notice.