Playing Golf at Barkway Park Golf Club


Course Status

  • The Course is open

  • Buggies may not be allowed use. If you require a buggy it is vital that you contact the club on the day to check whether they have been excluded. If allowed, it is imperative that you keep to the buggy paths and not cross the fairways.

  • Winter rules are in force - see Local Rules

  • Areas on the course, particularly around the greens are roped off. Please respect the club's efforts to protect the course and do not drive trolleys or buggies into the roped off areas - see Local Rules for more detail

Round Booking

Phone: 01763 848215 or 01763 849070

Before Play

  • If playing in a competition players are reminded to establish their course handicap in advance by reference to England Golf website or app and How Did I Do. Charts are also provided on the outside wall of the Clubhouse for players to reference

  • Guidance on playing at Barkway Park can be found at