Playing Golf at Barkway Park Golf Club


The Course is open

Round Booking

Phone: 01763 848215 or 01763 849070

Before Play

  • The Clubhouse is closed for seating and refreshment

  • The Clubhouse front door will be open to book in

  • Your scorecard will be available at the front door table

  • Contact details will be required for track and trace purposes or use the displayed QR code to check in

  • Changing rooms will remain closed so please arrive dressed to play and change shoes in the car park

  • Toilets are open, with access from the outside

  • No waiting around the first tee – please avoid grouping

  • The Practice Ground is open

  • If playing in a competition please ensure you have established your course handicap in advance by reference to England Golf website or app and How Did I Do. Charts are also provided on the outside wall of the Clubhouse for players to reference

During Play

  • Players must maintain 2 metre social distance

  • Ball washers have been covered and are not to be used

  • Benches must not be used

  • Bunker rakes have been removed – use your club, personal rake or foot to smooth as best as possible; remember to be courteous to fellow players. A temporary local rule of “Preferred Lies” applies to bunkers. See Further Guidance below for details

  • Leave the flagstick in at all times – irrespective of personal choice

  • Do not touch the flagstick

  • Inserts have been put in the holes to allow players to reclaim their ball without touching the flagstick

  • Players are not to touch stray balls

  • When playing competition, players should agree who they will mark card for. The player then marks their scorecard as the marker, with Player A being the person for whom they are scoring. They should also record both theirs’ and their playing partners course handicaps to avoid disqualification. Verbal agreement of scores during, and at end of round, should be made and the player then enters their own scorecard into PSI, thus refraining from exchange of cards

After Play

  • Do not hang around the Clubhouse on completion of your round – Go Home!

  • The PSI screen is not accessible due to the Clubhouse being closed

  • Enter scores using How Did I Do, either in app or at home via PC

  • Refreshments are available from the burger van, adjoining the Clubhouse, for takeaway

  • Drinks are available from the Clubhouse, for consumption inside and at the outside seating area, applying appropriate social distancing at all times. Wear a mask to enter the Clubhouse, and inside unless seated at a table.

Further Guidance